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Third event of the CBC-ORIENT CUP series will be organized in Nature park Papuk on 18th March 2018.


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A CBC-ORIENT CUP sorozat harmadik állomása Jankovac, a Papuk-hegység szívében, 2018. március 18. vasárnap.


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Winter Training Camp Summary

The winter training camp of the CBC-ORIENT project was organized in Orfű between 19 and 21 of January, 2018. About 50 Croatian and Hungarian young people participated in the five training sessions. The children were very excited about the training camp.


On Friday the first training was route tracking training. The heavy rain and the muddy forest made it more difficult to run. In the afternoon the rain has stopped but the big mud and slippery ground made it harder to move. The smaller ones performed short paths. The older ones were track followers, due to difficult conditions, the routes originally planned required a longer time.


On Saturday morning, the training started at Abaliget. Everybody could perform a path the level of their technical knowledge. The weather was sunny this time. In the afternoon the beginners was star training, in the centre had to start and found one point and went back to the centre. The older ones run on streaky tracks. In the evening during the meeting we analysed the maps and the routes.


On Sunday there was only training from Orfű again. Several shorter paths could be performed with some of the participants starting with mass start. Someone run with relief map.


During the training camp, everyone was enriched with valuable experiences, and during the three days they could practice and improve their technical skills. The camp was in good mood not only during the training sessions, but also during common board games and conversations. Tired but the kids came home with experiences.


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The 2nd CBC Workshop

The second workshop of the CBC-ORIENT project was held in Orfű on the 19th of January, 2018.The workshop started the 13 participants short introduction. New interested people arrived from Varazdin.


First of all we spoke about experience of school presentation. The experience was that children interested in orienteering, but there need a parent or teacher who coordinate the children later. The most susceptible age is 11-12 years. The parents have more influence their children than before, so need family support that children choose this sport. The Hungarian experience has shown that who most interest children already is other sport. The participants discussed the possibilities and future plans of teaching beginner youth team in Croatia.


After that Ferenc Viniczai coach club of PVSK spoke how organize the training camp. He had lots of experience because he organized more than 100 training camp with his collage. Appropriate facilities (maps, compass, buoy) and permits are required to successfully organized the camp. For camp organization and preparation, it is important to define the camp's purpose and the age group. When you are selecting a location, the aim of the camp is to be taken into consideration and map is in nearby. It is important to make programme and timetable before the event and keep it that all thing have enough time. These camps offer new experience for the kids therefore they always wait excitedly the training camp.


At the end of the workshop Zsuzsanna Domján summarized the “green sport” programme Hungarian result and experience. The competition make greener with selective garbage collection, personal glass for refreshment, online result and full car travelling. We are trying to execute them at all project events.


On the second day of the workshop the participants look at the training camp and shared their experiences.


Thank you for your participation at our event!